September 30, 2001: 

Mr. Lucke attends the IFP Market at the Angelika Film Center in New York CIty.  The film screened to a packed audience and attracted interest from distributors and film festivals.  We also got our picture taken by Kent Bye at Film Threat Magazine.  Check out this link to their website and you'll see his photo of Paula Unger (Mr. Lucke producer) and Charlie Unger (Mr. Lucke writer/director) at the market.


July 7, 2001: 

Jerri Partee, creator of Jerri Manthey's number one fan club website, reviews Mr. Lucke on her website after viewing the film.  She writes, "Mr. Lucke is the essence of a good romance as well as the blueprint for a great independent film..."  To read the entire review click here.


June 19, 2001: 

It was rumored for some time but now it's official.  Amber from Survivor 2, announced in a recent interview that Jerri Manthey, her costar castaway, will pose for Playboy in their September 2001 issue.

May 10, 2001: 

CBS wraps up their Survivor 2 series with a follow-up episode of "where are they now".  The show, "Survivor, Back from the Outback" aired on Thursday, May 10 and included a few clips from the Mr. Lucke 2-minute trailer. (Including the Entertainment Tonight and E! News Daily clips, this is the third time Mr. Lucke has been on Television.) 

April 6, 2001:

Entertainment Weekly features an article covering Jerri Manthey's filmography in their April 13th, 2001 edition.  Mr. Lucke is described as "the most complex performance on Jerri's resume."  To read the article and the see the printed page click here.


March 5, 2001:

Charlie, with Mr. Lucke poster on display,  crashes the American Film Market (AFM) and meets film reviewer Jim Donovan.  Jim, impressed  by Charlie's guerilla marketing tactics, decides to review Mr. Lucke  even though the film was never entered due to financial constraints.  Charlie's aggressive yet passionate attitude towards his film once again exemplifies the true Independent filmmakers' spirit.


February 23, 2001:

The TV Phenomenon, Survivor II which premiered Sunday, January 28th on CBS stars the female lead from the no-budget independent film, Mr. Lucke.  Five years ago, Charles B. Unger wrote, produced and directed the Ogakor Tribe member, Jerri Manthey, in her first starring role.  Jerri, "the aspiring actress from Los Angeles," plays Lana Lahera, a fashion model from New York.

Mr. Lucke was completed just over a year ago and has been entered into several film festivals across the country.  Recently it was featured onEntertainment Tonight and E Entertainment Television.  The eighty-minute feature film is now seeking distribution and all rights are currently available.