Marc (Jason) Robinson - Male Lead

Marc is Mr.Lucke, the suave, hip, photographer looking for the ultimate model. Marc studied Method Acting for two years with The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Los Angeles. Marc approached acting with a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley and a MFA in Production Design. His behind the scenes knowledge and extensive art background has given him a unique approach to acting. He has starred in Music Videos, Showtime Films and Independent Features. Some of his feature credits include High Octane by Joe Manes and Joy Ride by Quinton Peeples. Most recently he completed a CD Rom feature with Adam West of Batman (the TV series), called Alien Species.


Jerri (Lynn London) Manthey - Female Lead

Jerri's part is Lana Lahera, the beautiful model from New York that George chases and charms. Jerri studied improvisational Theatre at the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany. Since Mr. Lucke, she has appeared in several productions, including a Def Leppard music video and the Showtime film, That Championship Season. Together with a friend, she wrote, produced and directed a play called Beautiful Chaos. As many Survivor II fans already know by now, Jerri was chosen from thousands of entries to be a part of the Ogakor Tribe in the Australian Outback. She recently made it to the final round on the CBS Thursday night hit T.V. show.


Marshal Hilton - Supporting role

Marshal plays Ben, George’s photography agent. He has extensive training in theater and method acting. Studying with Jean Shelton’s Actor’s Lab and the Charles Conrad Studio, Marshal has taken the lead in several plays including The Odd Couple. He is very familiar with the independent film scene. Some of his feature film credits include Self Sanction by Paul Vincent Fusco and Watermelon Seed by Bernadette Armstrong. He has also worked in Television and can be seen in Unsolved Mysteries.