Charles Unger - Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

Charlie completed numerous stop-motion animation films by the time he graduated as a fine arts major from New York City’s prestigious La Guardia High School of Music and Art. He combined his film and art experience in Los Angeles where he attended USC’s School of Cinema-Television. Since graduating, he has written several feature-length scripts and produced many short films while earning a living as a union assistant editor and sound assistant editor. Working with professional filmmakers only made Charlie more determined to make his own. Over the next four and a half years, he wrote, produced, directed, photographed and edited this labor of love. Mr. Lucke not only represents his greatest achievement to date but truly synthesized all of Charlie’s expertise into one film.


Paula Unger - Co-Producer/Costume Designer

Paula Unger has been a fashion industry professional for 10 years working as a designer and merchandiser for multi-million dollar garment companies. Predicting trends in th fast-paced junior market requires one to be connected to the pulse of the young generation. She has had her designs featured in several fashion magazines, WWD, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Teen People. She has taught three-dimensional design at FIDM where she also graduated with a fashion design degree. Paula has done freelance work as a costume designer and stylist on several independent projects. A natural businesswoman and fast learner has made her contribution to Mr. Lucke invaluable. She inspired her director and encouraged him throughout the four and a half years. Her vision and talent make her a valuable asset not only in fashion but in as well.


Bob Folgate - Lighting/Assistant Camera/Production

Bob studied film under Ned Hockman at the University of Oklahoma, writing and producing three short films. He moved to California and worked as a Grip, Set Electrician, PA and Assistant Location Manager for several years. He then took a steady job and focused on screenwriting. After completing several scripts, he saw producing an independent film as the next logical step. He willingly gave up all of his weekends for four months just to master the no-budget filmmaking process.  Bob wore many hats and threw himself into every crew position. He'd set up the lights and then put on the sound gear. He even coordinated the car chase using walkie-talkies. Bob was there everyday during the shoot and I couldn't have finished production without his huge contribution. He recently completed his own Feature Film, White Glove Treatment, which was shot on weekends over 18 months and in post-production for 20 months.


James Morioka - Sound Supervising Editor

Take a look at the post-production sound credits and you'll immediately see James' huge contribution to Mr. Lucke. He did everything from foley walking to the film's final mix. Simply put, I could not have finished this film without him. He guided me through the roughest stage in my film. In addition to his Sound Supervising role, he also helped during shooting and loaned his camera and lights to the production. Like his Director/friend Charlie, James also jumped into post-production right after graduating from USC in 1992. He started in picture as an apprentice on Menace II Society but soon crossed over to sound starting with Universal's Streetfighter. Some of his recent Assistant Sound Editor credits include Private Parts, October Sky, Erin Brockovich, Meet The Parents and the upcoming Jurassic Park III. You can hear his recent sound cutting efforts in the Ozzy Osbourne documentary; We Sold Our Soul to Rock and Roll.





Bruce Zimmerman - Composer

Bruce Zimmerman is the composer and owner of Sound Productions, a film scoring project studio located in Windsor, Connecticut. Zimmerman began his career over 20 years ago, after attaining a Doctorate of Music from the Hartt School of Music in West Hartford, Connecticut. Zimmerman composes music for film, documentary, corporate, commercial, multimedia and children's projects. He has scored over 500 programs for clients such as AT&T, IBM, PBS, History Channel, Connecticut Public Television, FOX Network, The Learning Channel, MasterCard, Pratt and Whitney, Random House, Sony Kids Music, Simon & Schuster, McGraw Hill and Warner Brothers.  Zimmerman is comfortable in most genres of music including jazz, classical, rock, ethnic/world music, children's music and most contemporary corporate and commercial styles. Zimmerman has won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Original Music Composition for his work in Public Television. He is a member of ASCAP and the International Documentary Association (IDA).