The second dream sequence (as well as the fourth dream) take place at pivotal moments during the day, when George’s life will change based upon his decisions. He’s at his interview, just about to go in when his dreams starts.  Again, we see him walk through the open door. We also foreshadow scenes later in the film; he plays guitar and shows us his photography portfolio.

After the third dreams sequence, Lana tells George what she thinks of his dream. She says; “I think walking up the stairs, running through the hall and climbing up the ladder represent that you’re searching for something new and will risk everything for it. The portfolio shows the women of your past and carrying around the mirror tells me that you’re lonely.  Photographing the mannequin means you’re trying to capture something that isn’t real. Finally, the mannequin in the mirror symbolizes that the woman you will meet will be your mirror image, looking for her, will be your search for yourself.


I love the opening image of the film, which is a door with a “No Trespassing” sign on it. Seconds later, the door flies open and George walks through it.  To me, this means that he’s going someplace that is forbidden or a secret. Later in this first dream sequence, he turns back to the camera as if he’s hesitant to proceed, but then we see him go through the door.  He’s starting his journey.

This fourth dream seems almost real.  Like the previous dreams, George runs through the hallway, climbs the steps and goes up to the roof of the building, to find answers. He finds Mr. Lucke (George) photographing Lana. This is parallel cut with him photographing a mannequin.  After this dream, he makes a big career decision. His dreams are now influencing his reality.


Finally, the last dream occurs when George believes he’s lost the girl of his dreams. He’s reflecting on his day at the airport as his fifth dream starts.  He sees street signs that caution him about moving forward; Yield, Exit, Do Not Enter and Stop. Again, he walks past the door.  The last image shows George returning to the same door and seeing a mannequin in a wedding dress. The film cuts back to reality after this shot and we see how Lana finds him.  The film ends as they are reunited.


Mr. Lucke occurs over a 12-hour time period. We follow George, a young photographer living in LA, over the course of a single day as he goes for an interview, meets Lana, chases Lana, loses Lana and then reconnects with her at the airport. Throughout the day, he has five dreams and each reveal something about him.  I don’t want to tell you what they mean. Dreams are very subjective and mean different things to different people, but I’d like to suggest what I believe is in George’s (Mr. Lucke) subconscious and how it influences him.